The origin of Bizzotto Gioielli is in a dream almost fifty years ago. Cesare Bizzotto, a young goldsmith, strongly wanted to create a high jewelery brand and with the same intensity he wanted that brand to be kept in a name linked to his family. It was the mind, heart and hands that created the first indelible "collection".

Over the years, the founder's craftsmanship and his goldsmith experience grew together, merging with his creativity and guiding him in the creation of other historical lines. It was at that precise moment that the dream took the name of Bizzotto Gioielli: a brand, but perhaps even more an artistic place, where the history of a family and the history of "unique pieces" move tirelessly together, guided by harmony, from harmony, from the search for a beauty that seeks the extraordinary.

Our values

Jewels do not listen to the passage of time, they are instead attracted to movements that celebrate fluidity as a creative expression of matter and its light. They love to inspire life, to flow in unison with our movements, yesterday and forever.
Their extraordinary is in our daily life.

The experience and history of Bizzotto Gioielli are summarized in a sign of absolute purity: a crowned "B" finely engraved on each jewel to remember the founder's dream from which it all began.
"B" is the initial that indicates the artistic path of a family, a place where the knowledge and research of a brand that gives a modern movement to an ancient art are intertwined and symbolically remembered.