The origin of Bizzotto Gioielli was a 50-year-old dream. Cesare Bizzotto, a young goldsmith, really wanted to create a brand of high-end jewellery, a brand which would be strongly tied to his family name. His ideas, his heart and his hands moulded the first, unforgettable “collection”.
In time, Cesare’s craftsmanship skills and his experience as a goldsmith grew together becoming the creative force behind his other historical collections. It was in that precise moment that the dream took on the name Bizzotto Gioielli: a brand, but even more so, an artistic place where the family history and that of these “unique pieces” blend together guided by harmony, unity, and beauty in search of the extraordinary.
Jewellery has no time barriers, it is captivated by the movement that revers fluidity as a creative expression of the material and its light. It loves inspiring life, moving as we move, yesterday and always. Its extraordinary is in our life.

Fortress of Asolo


The experience and history of Bizzotto Gioielli can be told in its signature of absolute purity: a crowned “B”, finely engraved in every piece of jewellery in memory of the founder’s dream, the beginning of it all.
“B” is the initial that shows the artistic journey of a family, of a place where the knowledge and research of a brand which gives an antique art a modern twist are symbolically entwined and remembered.
Cesare’s children, Martina and Mauro, and his son-in-law Alberto, joined the company twenty years ago and shared Cesare’s vision and the values of the brand which he wanted to represent with that “B”. Their new and avantgarde look at the product and brand contributed to the international identity of Bizzotto Gioielli, synonymous world-wide with a beauty which comes from its past and goldsmith roots.